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Free web hosting is a dangerous trap

Author: Amit Kumar Jha
2nd October, 2019 |
Web Hosting, Server, Domain

Every person or business is now trying to build their online presence and having a website or application is the most important part of it. In real life when we are offered something for free, we feel skeptic and start discovering the hidden terms, traps and all the dangerous possibilities. But, when it comes to an online service, we add the word free to almost everything that we search. We often find a few and take it without even thinking twice. Finally, we fall into a trap and regret. How can we make such a mistake when it comes to buying things online and especially the domains and websites. Here we will disclose how free web hosting can be a real trap for you.

Performing organic SEO using the right tags

Author: Amit Kumar Jha
30th September, 2019 |
Digital Marketing, Organic SEO

Did you know that you can organically get your page indexed by different search engines if you just make your page right? Most of the developers do it wrong. This is sometimes due to less knowledge and mostly intentional. HTML in all its version has sufficient tools that if used wisely can get you page indexed to all search engines and give you the perfect result. Doing this gives you a long term benefit and at the same time saves your time and money. The most interesting part is that a lot of people who claim to know HTML well don't use it the right way. Let's do it the right way!

Advantage of Web-based startup over others

Author: Khushbu Kumari Jha
25th September, 2019 |
Entrepreneurship, Startup

Today when the whole world is ready to create their own startup and call themselves an entrepreneur, a lot of things come into mind. The first question that comes is why is this entrepreneurship prominent in a few sectors? The reason being simple, not everyone is Rich enough, nor everyone has the ability to deal with physical clients and products. Having a good and innovative ideas doesn't make you successful until you possess the power to deal with real-world people.

Choosing the Perfect Web Hosting

Author: Amit Kumar Jha
23rd September, 2019 |
Web Hosting, Server

Choosing the right web hosting is one of the most important tasks when you are about to create your online presence. Remember a time difference of one millisecond can make a big difference and a delay of one second makes you lose a bunch of potential customers. Apart from price, there is a lot of things that you need to take care of while selecting a web hosting plan.

Freelancing: The perfect bridge from employment to Entrepreneurship

Author: Amit Kumar Jha
22nd September, 2019 |
Freelancing, Entrepreneurship

More than half of the people employed among different companies and corporations has a wish to start their own business or become an entrepreneur. Few become but most of them don't even give a try. The reason is very simple. Life is not that easy and specially when you have a family to support, quiting job and starting a new business becomes nothing more than a horrible dream. But, few people do it. There is a right way and a right trick to do anything. Let us find out a way to make life easier.