Amit Kumar Jha Founder & CEO at WEBNext Labs®

Amit Kumar Jha


Amit Kumar Jha is an Indian Entrepreneur, blogger, Author, motivational speaker, trainer, programmer, Numerologist, Astrologer and a web developer. He was born on 10th October 1986 and has started coding since his sixth standard. He has also received Governor’s Medal for his Adventurous activities and received a large number of rewards throughout his career. Amit Kumar Jha is also the founder of WEBNext Labs, News247Plus, iPehchan, TechSpidy, GossiBOX, Dibbler, and a few more brands.

Amit Kumar Jha believes in the fact that no other thing can prevent a person from being a great entrepreneur or a programmer if you have the desire to be one. He also conducts training and seminars to help people become an entrepreneur. At his Academy, he creates awesome programmers out of people who claim to not have seen computer before.

He is in an attempt to create a system that fulfills every requirement of a business under one roof. He has authored the book "From Ordinary to Entrepreneur"

Certifications and Achievements

  • A cPanel Certified Professional
  • A Google Certified Professional
  • Certified in IOT (Kings College, London)
  • Certified in Cyber Security (The Open University)
  • Certified in Secured Android App Development (University of Southampton)
  • Certified in Robotics (University of Reading)
  • Certified from Saylor Academy
  • Certified by Microsoft Academy
  • And more...

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