About WEBNext Labs™

What is WEBNext Labs?

WEBNext Labs™ is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Kolkata based web designing and development workshop cum school imparting knowledge on Web Technology, IoT, Robotics, Entrepreneurship and associated skills as well as providing web designing services, Web hosting services and corporate services to clients all around the world. WEBNext Labs is registered with Government of Indian under the MSME(Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise) Act and accredited for its quality standards by GACB Europe.

Our organization is dirstibuted under the following major brands that work together under one head.

Our Mission

To make the web more interactive and provide quality education, services, training and support to the needy. To help people flourish as a quality web developer and help the startups break their barriers and make the most of their resources.

Our Vision

To empower everyone with the knowledge of web technologies and provide quality service to the mass beyond all financial and geographical barriers. Also to create a strong awareness about web technology and its importance in Entrepreneurship among the mass.

History Of WEBNext Labs™

We started working as Gainwell Management Group since 2010 but the name WEBNext Labs was chosen by the end of 2014, and was finally declared on 1st January, 2015 with our Initial office in Hooghly, West Bengal.

WEBNext Labs™ moved to Kolkata and was officially re-inaugurated as a school cum workshop in Kolkata on 1st January, 2016 inspite of it's long working History. We has officially started imparting on-line as well as off-line training since long back. Apart from Indian students, we also had students from US, UK, Russia, South Africa and Australia who had been trained over the Internet.

Initial Days

We started our business as a web development organization where we developed websites and web related applications. during our development process we also helped interns gain experience and learn the web designing and development best practices. In October 2012 we proceeded with our first international client from Srilanka. Since then the journey went into a new direction and in a less time we had clients from USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Turkey and this list kept on.

The Kolkata Office

After long years of training, internship and development work, we decided to have an office dedicated for the purpose of regular education. Thus after 3 months of planning and search, finally a location was found in south Kolkata that was perfect for the office. Our first class started on 15th August, 2016 and by the month of October most of the paperwork was complete.

The Corporate Services

Since August 2017, WEBNext Labs has started provide corporate services to it's Clients. Most of these services are limited to Indian Clients only. Besides, providing our services, we also educate our clients on the subject as we believe that enlightened clients make a better work environment.

Web Hosting Services.

After almost 12 years of service provided to the clients via third party vendors and resellers, We have finally set up our own dedicated web hosting services, domain services and SSL certificates allowing our clients to get a flexible, super-fast and reliable services at a much lower price. Our Servers belong to Tier IV and is located in Mumbai,India. These servers have pure SSD drives and cutting edge technology.

Our Team

Our team compises of members and employees working from different parts of India as well as different Countries. Each one of us excel in different skill set. We host a private on-line office where employees from different location work and train as if we are in a same physical office.

Board of advisors

We love to take advice and suggestions from everyone and take great pleasure in implementing the best fit. However we do have a personal team who take active participation is suggesting us the best.

Sunita Jha

Sunita Jha
Home Maker & Investor
Accounting and Book keeping

Punit Prakash

Punit Prakash
Technical Lead - TCS
Big-Data & Python enthusiast

Sumit Kumar Jha

Sumit Kumar Jha
TL - Medfin India Pvt Ltd.
Softskills and fast computing

Khushbu Jha

Khushbu Jha
Business Consultant
Communication and soft skills

Sayan Mukherjee

Sayan Mukherjee
Frontend Developer - DSD
Wordpress Expert

Shiba Pradhan

Shiba Pradhan
Founder - NextLevel MMA
Mixed Martial Arts enthusiast

Our Clients

Here are some of our esteemed clients who have received different services from us.

Our Partners

We do hold partnership with a lot of Local, National and international brands, however there are a few whom we cannot miss to mention. some of them are as mentioned below.

We are Partners of