Freelancing: The perfect bridge from employment to Entrepreneurship

22nd September, 2019 |
Freelancing, Entrepreneurship

webnextlabs Blog | Freelancing: The perfect bridge from employment to Entrepreneurship

More than half of the people employed among different companies and corporations have a wish to start their own business or become an entrepreneur. Few become but most of them don't even give a try. The reason is very simple. Life is not that easy and specially when you have a family to support, quiting job and starting a new business becomes nothing more than a horrible dream. But, few people do it. There is a right way and a right trick to do anything. Let us find out a way to make life easier.

When we have a family to support or rent to pay or if we are behind some form of loan, then we should never quit our job that is already backing our worries. But or dreams too need to be fulfilled. We cannot keep on fulfilling other's dream just because we have a burden.

Freelancing plays an important role and acts as a perfect bridge to help us in this situation. It does not matter what kind of profession you hold. Freelancing is the single key that opens all the locks of future.

So, what is freelancing?

Freelancing is the art of doing some task in exchange of money without the need of an employment with the person or organization you work for. You are free to work as per your convenience, time or location. You have no pressure nor any target. The best part is that as a freelancer, you have the right to bargain the price for every piece of work you do.

It may be little tough in the beginning but a little homework and practice will get you on. Now this can be the perfect bridge to move from employment to entrepreneurship but one thing that you must always have is a strong determination. There may be times when your knowledge may fail or environment may go against you. You will be able to survive it all if your determination is strong enough and your dedication is prominent.

So now when you have a will, you need to find out the gaps in your daily life an start your freelancing. Remember one thing! A lot of people may not wake up tomorrow, and so, whatever you wish to do, must start today.

Once you find that your freelancing is becoming stable, then you can slowly leave your job and focus more on your freelancing. Next what? You can gradually turn the freelancing into a full fledged business.

This is the right way and now if you fail in your freelancing, you will not risk your family. And if you fail as a freelancer, then probably, business is not for you. So keep on with the freelancing and keep practicing till you be an expert. During this process, you may also find out the flaws in the system and may end up inventing something new and becoming a true entrepreneur.

What you plan is not important, but how you plan and execute is important. Most of the people fail because they start it wrong. Let us do it in a right way!

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