Free web hosting is a dangerous trap

2nd October, 2019 |
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Free web hosting is a dangerous trap

Every person or business is now trying to build their online presence and having a website or application is the most important part of it. In real life when we are offered something for free, we feel skeptic and start discovering the hidden terms, traps and all the dangerous possibilities. But, when it comes to an online service, we add the word free to almost everything that we search. We often find a few and take it without even thinking twice. Finally, we fall into a trap and regret. How can we make such a mistake when it comes to buying things online and especially the domains and websites. Here we will disclose how free web hosting can be a real trap for you.

It is now a general trend of searching for free web hosting and cheap web hosting instead of searching for the best web hosting or reliable web hosting. This trend is, however, more prominent in Asian and especially south Asian countries.

These trapping services can be of two types and both of them look very promising. The first type is where you get a service for real free while in other cases you see the illusion of cheap service. Let's discuss both of them one after another.

There are companies that provide free web hosting with almost everything perfect. I shall not mention any name here but you shall find it easily. They have a starter plan that's absolutely free. But, if you go ahead you will be amazed to see that, the free plan supports up to PHP 5.4 only while the other ones support the latest ones. Now, who in the world uses PHP 5.4 now. Now you have to make things the old way and in the future, an upgrade shall be tough specially when you have clients on board.

Again, there are limitations in the free plan and prevents you from creating the best version of what you want. Also, you cannot install essential plugins and application software on those servers.

The most astonishing part is that, if anything goes wrong or if your site is down exactly when you are about to display your product to someone, you cannot claim anything to the service provider. More often, free web hosting plans rarely lets you install an SSL certificate.

The second category is the one that gives you offers. There are major service providers that give you around up to fifty percent off on hosting plans throughout the year. Sometimes in the name of summer sales, sometimes winter, sometimes a new year and so on. Did you ever see that these traps let you buy higher plans than what you would have generally purchased? Now you keep on paying the highest price throughout the life of your website.

You will be amazed to see that web hosting companies let you upgrade your plan but they don't let you downgrade your plan. Now switching servers are tough when you have a live website. Thus, you keep on paying.

Regarding the domain, the best brands in the world Fool you. Let me give you an example. A brand gives a dot com domain at INR 169 plus tax when you buy for two years and the renewal price offered by them is around INR 1200 plus tax. Another brand offers you a dot com for INR 750 throughout life.

You usually take the first one. But did you notice? When you buy a domain, you have a big picture and you don't want to close your business after a year or two. This case is different when you are buying for some one-time event. Did you ever calculate, how much you pay in both the cases after a span of 10 years? You probably end up paying around 30 percent more when you choose the first plan. Calculate yourself.

The idea is to do a calculation before you buy things and read everything property before you buy something. When you plan to create something and the thing matters, you should probably pay for the service that you are taking to build your thing. Think logical and pay the right price. Offers are good but that should not excite you and pull you into overbuying. Traps can be of different types and you should be aware of it.

At WEBNext Labs, we attempt to make sure that our clients are aware of the facts and buy the best plan that would perfectly meet their needs.

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