Free Introductory courses at WEBNext Labs™

This is a course designed by WEBNext Labs™ to give you an understanding of how the Internet works and all the related terms. The course also gives you information on Internet of things, Robotics, Cyber security and Digital Marketing. You may be a student of any subject or you may be in any profession, but this course is a must for everyone. All your questions will be answered and you will get a valid certificate that can be used everywhere.

One Day Introductory Course

Course Duration 1 day
Total Course Fee Free
Admission Process Admission is possible through application at WEBNext Labs Office. Admission is conducted during the specific months year. The course is absolutely free, however students need to pass a small entrance test to avail this course.
Topics Covered
  • Web designing
  • Web technologies
  • Robotics
  • Internet of Things
  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this 100% Free?

Yes, This course is 100% free. You will get a Valid certificate too.

Why is the course Free?

Our mission is to spread the knowledge of Web technologies to everyone as it has become much essential. Since it is not possible for everyone to get the advanced courses due to different reasons, so we at WEBNext Labs™ have decided to give a free basic knowledge to as many people as possible.

How valid is the Certificate?

This Certificate is Globally Valid and can be verified at our Website. This certificate does not have a Expiry Date

What should be my eligibility?

You must be of 15 years of age or more to get into this course.

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