Free Introductory Class

One-day Introductory Course on Web Technologies

This is a course designed to give you an understanding of how the internet works and all the related terms. You may be a student of any subject or you may be in any profession, but this course is a must for everyone. All your questions will be answered and you will get a valid certificate that can be used everywhere.

Some of the topics covered under this course are:

  • What is Internet and how it works?
  • Clients and different types of Servers
  • Domain names and DNS systems
  • ISP, IP, TCP & URL
  • Browsers and Websites
  • Types of Websites
  • Web Designing and Development
    • Introduction to HTML
    • Introduction to CSS
    • Introduction to Javascript
    • Introduction to PHP
    • Introduction to MYSQL
    • Introduction to Reverse AJAX
    • Introduction to Plugings & Library
    • Introduction to Web applications
  • Online Marketing
    • Introduction to SEO
    • Introduction to SMO
    • Introduction to Developer Tools
    • Introduction to Google Adwords & Adsense
  • Server Management
  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Career & Future with Web Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this 100% Free?

Yes, This course is 100% free. You will get a Valid certificate too.

Why is the course Free?

Our mission is to spread the knowledge of Web technologies to everyone as it has become much essential. Since it is not possible for everyone to get the advanced courses due to different reasons, so we at WEBNext Labs™ have decided to give a free basic knowledge to as many people as possible.

How valid is the Certificate?

This Certificate is Globally Valid and can be verified at our Website. This certificate doesnot have a Expiry Date

What should be my eligibility?

If you are a Student, you must be of 13 years of age or more.
If you are currently not a student, you must be above 18 Years of age.

Online Registrations are Currently Closed.

Please visit our office and collect our Form for the One day Introductory Class and submit the filled form with a Photograph and get you Admit Card.
You may call us at +91 (033) 2410 5678 / +91 90888 88879 or write us at if you have any question

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